The Shattering II

Breaking the Silence

The Shattering II is a compelling true story (but written in novel form) of healing from childhood sexual abuse. It is a story of the power of love, the promise of hope, and the inspiration of knowing that we are not defined by our circumstances.  Readers are held in suspense and will find their hearts forever touched by this inspiring story. Healing is a journey. If we can be brave enough to enter into the dark shadows of the unspeakable and pull back the shades, we not only reveal the light, but captives are set free. It is God’s desire to take us from lost to found, from death to life, from victim to victor.

As Barth’s first book, THE SHATTERING I, this book is beautifully written. As Toni Stewart wrote on Amazon, She deftly explores the generational aspects of abuse in families and the inclination of adults in our society to turn a blind eye or "let it go." The true artistry of this story is how openly Marsha is able to explore the hearts and minds of each character making the reader truly care about each person involved, even Julie's tortured father, Ron.

Marsha Barth

Marsha (Marty) Barth has been an inspirational speaker for twenty years. She is an author and advocate, speaking at various State events, to college Criminology and Psychology students, at State Social Service Forums and many radio and television interviews. She has worked at an addictions facility, spoken regularly on Christian Radio and visited prisons across the United States.

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