Visions of London

Visions of London is a collection of urban city photography by award-winning photographer Simon Hadleigh-Sparks.

The book highlights his passion for abstract-reflected architecture and reflected imagery, a style he has created for himself. He also experiments with extreme contrasts and has been called “a master of light”. His many on-line followers encourage him to develop and experiment further, with people liking the weird or the different. He has also mastered the art of post-production – blending, temperature, tone curve, luminance - and the list goes on!

Simon has been described as ‘a digital artist’ - a major aspect of his urban photography is his ability to open up a new perspective on the city … its spaces, people and history. But included in that equation is technology and how it is used to re-imagine the look of the city. Digital transformation of the city is at the heart of his more abstract photography in this book - images radically twist and contort the steel and glass buildings into striking abstract forms. The results offer a dynamic new look on the structures that make up the London skyline.

Simon Hadleigh-Sparks

Simon Hadleigh-Sparks is a London based photographer that draws inspiration from the city around him. When out photographing on the street he often remembers to look up. His eye for clean lines, architectural design and subtle incorporation of human elements give his images a uniqueness that stays true to his style.

Recent successes include winner and best in show at the 2014 London Photo Festival, highly commended in the 2014 Urban Photographer of the Year and 3rd place in the monochrome category and commended in the best gardens category of the 2014 International Garden Photographer of the Year.

Simon is a professional gardener in Syon Park, West London, a husband and a father. His photography is a passion; he goes from strength to strength, sharing his photos and maybe inspiring some people along the way. He has a mixture of styles and it is in post-production that Simon produces his most successful photography.

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