Incredible Wild Edibles

Incredible Wild Edibles is an invitation to enjoy the best food on Earth. This guide provides complete information on 36 traditional fruits, nuts, herbs, and vegetables that have nearly disappeared from our modern diets. Rediscover these wholesome, super-nutritious, gourmet foods for free! In a humorous but authoritative style, the author tells how to identify these plants with confidence, where and when to find them, what parts to use, and how to prepare them for the table. He gives practical advice on harvesting and discusses safe and responsible foraging practices. Contains index, bibliography, glossary, range maps, foraging calendar, and more than 350 color photos. For all experience levels, from novice to expert.

Samuel Thayer

Samuel Thayer is an internationally recognized authority on edible wild plants who has authored two award-winning books on the topic, Nature’s Garden and The Forager’s Harvest. He has taught foraging and field identification for more than two decades. Besides lecturing and writing, Samuel is an advocate for sustainable food systems who owns a diverse organic orchard and harvests wild rice, acorns, hickory nuts, maple syrup, and other wild products. He lives in rural northern Wisconsin with his wife and three children. 

Marketing & Publicity
  • Author will be speaking at the largest wild food events in the country, including the Midwest Wild Harvest Festival, North Carolina Wild Food Weekend, West Virginia's Wild Foods Weekend, and Fermentation Fest.
  • Author will be doing a tour of teaching appearances at Nature Centers, libraries, primitive skills gatherings, and co-teaching with regional wild food instructors in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Ontario, Washington state, Oregon, California, Colorado, and Arizona. To begin in Oct. 2017 and continue for the next 12 months..
  • Will be soliciting radio appearances on educational programs (mostly public radio) in each of these states to coincide with these visits.
  • Will be scheduling educational events/signings at independent bookstores coinciding with these appearances
  • Mailing ARCs to a network of more than 100 herbalists, botanists, survival instructors, naturalists, and wild food teachers in the US and Canada who explicitly support the authors previous work.
  • Postcard mailing to independent bookstores in the regions mentioned above.