Kids' Party Cakes

Making a memorable birthday cake doesn’t have to be a chore.  It will certainly take time to make the cake and then to ice and decorate it, but these easy-to-follow recipes will really simplify the whole process.  Let’s start with the cake.

There’s no need to make a complicated cake for birthdays – the decorations are what your kids will really remember, not what was underneath.  So all that’s needed is a simple butter cake – easy to make and perfect for cutting and shaping.  The recipes in this book call for prepared cake mix, but if you prefer to make your cakes from scratch, you can use the recipe in the book.

Birthdays are always so much fun for kids-friends and family, presents, a big party and of course, a cake that friends will talk about for weeks and your kids will always remember. Included are 70 fantastic recipes to make any birthday extra special, whether your child is a future astronaut, vet, race car driver or safari guide, or if they want a cake spelling out their age.

Diane Hockings Mother of 4 school age children, Diane has inherited her passion for cake baking from her own mother, relishing in the memories of many happy baking years together. Since the birth of her first child, Diane has taken delight in planning and creating birthday cakes for her family, and continues to enjoy sharing these baking moments with her own children.

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