Disney- Looking at Paintings

An Introduction to Art for Young People

Explore the Mona Lisa’s smile, Titian’s noises, Duccio’s artistic omelet, a Jackson Pollock splash, a king’s portrait, an entire battle, saints and sinners, knights and peasants, motorcars and animals; and paintings on every conceivable surface – walls, wood panels, cloth, glass, metal, bark, and leather. Follow Mickey and his friends through this most magical of worlds as they show us how to look at, understand, and enjoy the works of the greatest artist.

This unique introduction to the techniques and history of painting takes the young reader through more than 15,000 years of art, from cave painters to Picasso. The result of a collaboration between one of the most important art museums in the world, London’s National Gallery, and the best Disney graphic artists, Looking at Paintings is a family reference book to be

Erika Langmuir Erika Langmuir wrote The National Gallery Companion Guide.

Ruth Thompson Ruth Thompson is the author of the National Gallery Family Fun series.

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