Wildlife In Pictures

Author Craig Hayman had the rare opportunity of living and working in some of Africa’s most spectacular wilderness areas for several years.

During his time as a wildlife photographic safari guide he was able to capture many dramatic and intimate moments in photographs, including stunning images of elephants, lions, leopards, crocodiles and many other inspiring creatures.

Wildlife in Pictures reveals, through images and stories, a behind-the-scenes snapshot of the remarkable life of a conservationist and safari guide. 

Craig Hayman

Photographer and author Craig Hayman grew up in South Africa, raised in a family that revered the natural world. After completing postgraduate studies in architecture at the University of Cape Town, he returned to the soil to train as a wildlife photographic safari guide. After three years as a safari guide, Hayman began training new guides and exploring for ecotourism potential in Gabon, equatorial west Africa. Hayman has travelled extensively through 6 continents, and now lives in Sydney, Australia.

He completed a masters degree at Sydney University, and has since returned to architecture, taking a role that allows him to explore his passion for sustainable design. He now photographs the landscapes and oceans of Australia, and continues to return to the wild places of Africa. 

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