Simply Drawing

How to Draw from the Beginning

Simply Drawing is an easy to follow, ‘learn how to draw’ book for children and adults.

Using step-by-step guides that show children how to drawing basic objects, animals and scenes. The book features more than 150 developmental drawing projects that will not only teach children how to draw, but also build their confidence as budding artists and will bring then immense satisfaction.

Suitable for school age children from 4–12, this book is also ideal for those adults who want to show their children, step by step, how to draw simple figures and build up scenes that can be coloured in and enjoyed by all the family.

Simply Drawing is an easy to follow, step by step approach that any child or adult can master and become increasingly creative.


Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies is a freelance artist, graphic designer and art instructor.

Having worked with many school-aged children over the years, he soon realised there was a real need for a simple to follow, instructional drawing guide that developed children’s skills at a basic age and showed creative pathways where children could use these newly developed skills to create increasingly complex artworks. 

Marketing & Publicity
  • • There are very few ‘learn to draw’ book that makes teaching kids to draw so easy and so much fun.
  • Children of any age can relate to the projects at their developmental level and gain satisfaction and pleasure from their drawings.
  • The projects are easy to follow and include step-by-step instructions for every project.