Disgusting Diseases

This book puts the D into Disgusting and a Capital G into Gross and Gruesome.

Disgusting Diseases explores the most disgusting diseases through the ages and the horrible treatments to cure them, sometimes worse than the illness itself.

What exactly did our ancestors have to put up with?

It’s all here in Disgusting Diseases

J.J Moore

K.B Moon

Kate Moon is responsible for a wide body of work that includes character design for Sony’s “SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water”, “Ghostbusters: 2016” and as a matte painter for the Emmy award winning “Game of Thrones” episode Battle of the Bastards.

Her work is accessible to school-age children, humorous in tone and unique in style.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Similar to ‘Horrible Histories’ series which has spawned TV series, movies, annuals etc. with at least 25 million books sold worldwide
  • Aimed at the 10-12 market
  • Featuring an innovative format that looks at ‘horrible’ aspects in a fun way