The Green Garden

A New England Guide to Planting and Maintaining the Eco-Friendly Habitat Garden


The Green Garden: A New England Guide to Planning, Planting, and Maintaining the Eco-Friendly Habitat Garden presents a new style of gardening that allows the gardener to work with nature to harness an area’s natural ability to maintain its own health and stability. With the humor born of experience and the lyricism that
comes with a devotion to nature and the beauties of a well-tended garden, Ellen Sousa explains how to transform any size of outdoor space into a natural, living sanctuary that benefits our health, our communities, and the planet. With its varied topography, diverse climates, and unique ecosystems, New England’s landscape means any attempt to impose an arbitrary gardening style can be an expensive and wasteful exercise in futility and frustration. Successful gardening here
means learning how to “read” your landscape and choose plants that will thrive in your own conditions without being fussed over and coddled.


Ellen Sousa of Spencer, MA Ellen Sousa is a garden coach and teacher whose enthusiasm for creating backyard habitat sanctuaries has made her a popular speaker and natural-style garden tour guide across New England. She lives in Spencer, MA with her husband, Robert, along with 2 dogs, on a small farm landscaped as a natural habitat for farm animals, wild birds and pollinators. She blogs about habitat gardening at and is a team member at and

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