Compass of the Ephemeral

Aerial Photography of Black Rock City through the Lens of Will Roger

Nevada artist and Burning Man event co-founder Will Roger photographs the ever changing cityscape and transformation of Black Rock City as it changed throughout the years. The book contains a substantial collection of aerial photos as never seen before. A photographic collaboration between Will Roger and Burning Man architect Rod Garrett, Introduction by Burning Man co-founder Harley Dubois. Contributions from Independent scholar William Fox and Archaeologist Alexei Vranich, Available in hardback format, 216 pages.

Will Roger

Will Roger is an artist, teacher, innovator and environmentalist. He is a co-founder of Burning Man. He has served Chairman of Sierra Front, North Western Great Basin Resource Advisory Council and President of the Friends of the Black Rock-High Rock. He was an Associate Professor of Photography Rochester Institute of Technology where he received MFA in Photography.

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Marketing & Publicity
  • Documented by Will Roger, a Founding Board Member and Board Chairman, Burning Man Project
  • A historical perspective on the growth and popularity of Black Rock City and Burning Man
  • Will's aerial images capture the festival’s spirit of american counterculture
  • Contributions from Independent scholar William Fox and Archaeologist Alexei Vranich
  • Introduction by Burning Man Co-founder Harley Dubois