Cooking with Chia

High in protein, omega 3 fatty acids and fibre, chia contains the essential minerals phosphorus, manganese, calcium, potassium and sodium.  By weight chia contains more Omega 3 than salmon.  Research shows chia has a range of health benefits which may assist in managing certain conditions, including cardiovascular disease, arthritis, obesity, skin problems and even anti-aging.

Cooking with Chia is the perfect book for anyone interested in this super food. You can dip in and try any of the delicious recipes, or follow Nicky Arthur’s tips and guide to a healthier raw food diet.   If you want to change to a raw high protein diet, Nicky includes the must have list of ingredients for the pantry, and tips on how to prepare your kitchen environment, shopping, switching to fresh produce and raw food, and how to keep protein as a part of our diet with Nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits grains legumes, and lentils.

Nicky Arthur Nicky Arthur believes that we should all keep it simple. Simple food equates with vibrancy, energy and flavour and is the best way to keep the body healthy and fuelled. Nicky lives her life aiming for 80% raw food lifestyle and to eat more wholesome food - her book reflects her philosophy and incorporates Chia as part of her everyday life. Nicky is a working Yoga instructor who works with busy mums and focuses on healthy nutrition and spiritual well being.

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