Pablos Kitchen

Secrets of Latin American Cuisine

Pablo’s Kitchen brings the authentic tastes of Mexican and Latin cuisine into your home with festive flare. All the Latin classics are here with traditional recipes with a modern touch.

Colombian born chef David Michaels shares stories and recipes that date back hundreds of years.

Taking recipes from his mother, his grandmother and his great grandmother, David has developed and recreated these delicious Latino dishes for the tables of today.

David Michaels

David Michaels is a Colombian born son of 3; after traveling to Bolivia he decided he needed a career to grow into and chasing an early career of becoming a Chef has led him to over 28 countries, living in 5 and learning the cultures of different foods. After his worldwide experiences he decided to put together his own Latino fast food business introducing healthy, fast food known as Pablo’s Kitchen. After an early start Pablo’s Kitchen took off and adapted to the online delivery and catering business. This brand has introduced Latino favorites like empanadas, Arepas, Ceviche and tacos to the masses.

Working in England, Spain and parts of Latin America, David collected effective ways of cooking honest food in an organised fashion while putting a big focus on Mexican and Colombian street food.

Latin food wasn’t easy to find outside of South America so David thought it was time to introduce Latin American style fast food to the bigger world via online platforms and word of mouth.

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