Foxing the Witch

On Allhallows Eve a hungering witch and a poetical fox meet, seemingly by chance, below an old stone bridge. When the fox offers to foretell her future with a peculiar deck of cards, the luck of the witch takes a drastic turn. She is immediately plunged into a haunting quest peopled by an addicted dragon, an ardent fairy and a misogynous wizard. The witch named Mab, last of a line of witches of the same name, inhabits a world of larcenous hearts and ancient cruelties shadowed by colors of strange beauty. her quest begins and ends with an enigmatic song: The Dragon old, the Fairy cold, Count each ancient emblem. The Turtle jailed, the Lady veiled, A witch's hand to bind them. Fate, retribution and an invitation to breakfast all entwine at journey's end, under a misty rainbow of magical cards.

John Sellers

Marketing & Publicity