Journeying with Jeanette

A Love Story into the Land and Language of Alzheimer’s

This book tells a heartwarming and compelling story of Bob and Jeanette Crick’s relationship and their journey together through Jeanette’s battle with Alzheimer’s.

You’re about to learn a new language It’s a language you already know, but one that you will come to know so much better. It’s the language of love. When you take a journey with someone, especially someone close to you, you learn a lot—about them and about yourself as well. This book is about a journey, perhaps a path you are walking as well. The goal of this book is not just to tell a story but rather to give you help, encouragement, insight, and support in your own journey. You will need this.

Jeanette and Bob were partners in life for 66 years. The latter years, though filled with challenge and pain, were also some of the most enriching and rewarding one could ever imagine. Journeying With Jeanette will help you embrace:

• The power of sacramental cleansing

• New depths of forgiveness—of yourself and others

• Embracing, even celebrating, imperfection

• When your heart is right, there truly is joy in the journey

Dr. Robert Crick

Dr. Robert Crick, D/Min and Clinical Pastoral Education Supervisor, has spent more than 55 years passionately promoting clinical and chaplaincy ministries around the world. He currently is President of the Outside the Gates Foundation and Professor at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in the Chair of Benevolence, Compassion and Care. His many assignments include a career as an Army Chaplain, where he served in combat with the 173rd Airborne Brigade, and was awarded the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star for Valor. In 1978, upon retiring as a military chaplain, he established an international Chaplains Commission, of which he was the director for 32 years. The Commission has now trained thousands of full time and volunteer chaplains, servicing in more than 70 countries. When his wife, Jeanette, was diagnosed and after a 10-year battle died of Alzheimer’s, he interpreted this loss as the Lord’s additional call to ensure that these loved ones are not treated as “victims or clients,” but as persons who deserve our best spiritual, medical and social attention and care. This new call has resulted in his latest book, “Journeying with Jeanette: Into the Land and Language of Alzheimer’s”

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