Gentle Moon: The Story of Molly Lee

Chin Ngood Yin, later known as Molly Lee, was born to a loving, well-to-do Chinese family in colonial Burma in 1922.  In this book, she candidly tells the story of her life, beginning as a school girl in a culture rooted in ancestor worship, Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

Join Molly’s fascinating journey as she shares her experience through waning wealth, harrowing war, arranged marriage, suffering for her faith, hardships, grief, love, and laughter.  Be inspired by the many heroes who touched her life, and be blessed to see Molly growing in faith, joy, and the love of her Lord, who does not fail.

The English Translation of Ngood Yin is Gentle Moon.


Deanna Windon of Granville, Ohio

Author of Gentle Moon, Deanna Windon, has long enjoyed writing.  She attended seminars and did correspondence training with the Writing Academy out of Madison, Wisconsin, published a children’s book, The Last Lie, through Concordia Publishing House, and wrote numerous opinion pieces for the Newark Advocate newspaper.  But how does this seldom-traveled, sixty-year-old Ohio woman end up writing the intriguing story of a 94-year old Chinese woman from Burma?  

Providentially, Deanna met Molly Lee at their church and, as their friendship developed, was captivated hearing bits of the life story of this petite, dynamic saint.  The friends felt led to collaborate in telling Molly’s inspirational story, and nearly nine years were devoted to this work.  The partnership was a good one:  Molly’s sharp mind recalled engaging stories in remarkable detail, and Deanna relentlessly questioned Molly and studied other sources to understand the unfamiliar Burmese, Chinese, colonial British, WWII, and twentieth century cultures.  The resulting work sweeps the reader into those rich ethnicities and histories in an unforgettable journey.

Deanna lives with her husband, Jim, in Granville, Ohio, and enjoys family and friends, Bible study, music, gardening, and making paper.  The couple has two grown sons.  Jim’s son Eric Vannatta and his wife, Megan, live in Baltimore, Ohio.  Matt Windon lives in Erlanger, Kentucky. 

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