As I Saw It

A Reporter's intrepid journey

Over a career spanning more than 50 years, veteran journalist Marvin Scott has seen it all.  From international headlines to local heroes, the eleven-time Emmy Award–winner has covered the news with objectivity and integrity, bringing journalistic excellence to every level of reporting. Scott has interviewed six presidents, visited the frontlines of war in the Middle East and Asia, and witnessed the rise of America’s space program—all in a day’s work.

Now, in As I Saw It: A Reporter’s Intrepid Journey, Scott reflects on the stories that have stuck with him personally over the years, and the people who gave them life. Alongside marches with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and tense meetings with Yasser Arafat, Scott brings us Burt and Linda Pugach, the couple whose lifelong marriage was forged in deadly obsession; Abraham Zapruder, who shot history’s most infamous piece of film; and Stephanie Collado, the 11-year-old girl who needed a heart and touched his. From political scandals to hauntings, local tragedies, triumphs and absurdities find their place alongside accounts of crime and redemption, war and celebrity on a national scale, all told with Scott’s signature passion and candor.

As I Saw It pairs Scott’s unique storytelling and photography to give readers a new look at the singular experiences of a lifelong reporter, and the stories that shaped a generation.

Marvin Scott

A member of the New York State Broadcasters Hall of Fame and recipient of eleven Emmy awards for journalistic achievement, Marvin Scott is a veteran journalist in both print and broadcast mediums.  Assignments have taken him from the front lines of Cambodia and the Middle East, to the highways of America’s South, where he covered civil rights protests with Dr. Martin Luther King. Scott has reported extensively on the U.S. space program and has interviewed six American presidents.

He began his career as a feature writer for the NY Herald Tribune, and was a contributing writer for Parade Magazine. Currently, Scott is the Senior Correspondent for WPIX-TV in New York.

Among  his many honors is the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for outstanding Americans. Scott is an accomplished photographer whose work has been exhibited in galleries. A photograph he took of  John F. Kennedy is in the Library of Congress. 

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