Along Interstate-75, 19th edition

The "must have" guide for your drive to and from Florida

A travel guide (& accompanying update website), with colored 25 mile stripmaps and a mile-by-mile travelog, for I-75, the Midwestern state's popular snowbird route, between Detroit and the Florida border. This very unusual book provides everything the novice or experienced traveler needs to enjoy this long journey.

Local knowledge helps the traveler feel in control and comfortable on the road. "Insider Tips" save money and reveal those hidden places only the local folk know. The typically 3-day journey becomes an entertaining adventure, and time passes quickly when you are having fun.

Dave's "current edition" website keeps the book updated with major changes, during its shelf life.

Dave Hunter of Mississauga, Ontario

Dave loves maps, history, driving and discovering unusual stories along the way. Combined with his fondness for writing, this led to Along Interstate-75—a travel book which has quickly become the “must-have” guide for "snowbirds" heading out for the long-distance drive to Florida, each winter. With more than twenty-five years of writing about I-75 road travel, Dave has become the media "go-to" person when producing annual drive-to-Florida content, and has appeared in hundreds of newspaper articles and radio & TV guest appearances. Dave is a credentialed member of the prestigious Society of American Travel Writers (SATW). He also holds media credentials with  the North American Travel Journalist Association (NATJA) and International Travel Writers Alliance-UK (ITWA). His full biography may be found in Canada's Who's Who.

Kathy Hunter

Kathy is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) Editors Council. Kathy requalifies for her credentials every two years.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Regional - Michigan, Ohio on the I-75 corridor are primary markets
  • Seasonal - Florida snowbird season (November to April)
  • Comp copies sent to Midwestern/I-75 corridor major media in publication years.
  • Numerous print media articles, radio & TV guest appearances over the years
  • For sixteen years, annual entertainment host for the two-day consumer Snowbird Extravaganza show, held in Lakeland, Florida, each January (15,000 attendees/day)
  • Regular drive-to-Florida snowbird columnist for the CSA News (circ. 100,000)