Tree of Life

A Book of Wisdom for Men

The Tree of Life is an introduction to God's own word about life. It includes three hundred and sixty-five individual passages selected from six books in the Old Testament: Job, Psalm, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs and Lamentations-one passage for each day of the calendar year. Some of the passages are long (though never longer than a page); some are short. Some passages are inspirational, while others are disquieting. Some of the verses are highly poetic and beautiiful, while others are practical and designed for everyday living. Most of the verses are over three thousand years old, yet each is startlingly relevant for contemporary men.The verses in this book affirm God's presence in creation and the world he created. Some of the verses indicate that there can be knowledge apart from God, but there cannot be wisdom, since God is the author of life and wisdom. Some verses reveal that man can live apart from God, but they also point to the real dangers of such a life. It is clea

Ton Vinci of Greenwich, CT Eric Kampmann has worked in the book publishing industry for over 33 years. The Tree of Life is his first book.

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