The Fast Way to Heal for Life

The Healing Power is Within
Suffering, pain, war, violence and disease are rampant in our world today. Everyone is searching for a cure, a remedy or a way to heal so they can be freed of the discomfort of illness. A good part of what is considered as aging is not aging, but disease. A lack of knowledge is leading humanity towards a life of tragedy, unhappiness, and sickness.The human body is wonderfully made to last a lifetime without having recourse to operations, diseases, stress, sleepless nights, obesity, infertility, anxiety and health problems. In this book, you will discover how the body heals itself and become aware of how the choices you make affect your health, the environment and your relationships. Dr. Matthew will convince you to embrace nature, time, and patience as the three great physicians. To live so one can heal without interference, to remove the cause of sickness and to rely on the body's innate wisdom is what our forefathers taught: "Do not interfere with nature."

Halanna Matthew Dr. Halanna Matthew, Doctor of Health Science, specializes in restoring health, reversing disease, premature aging, prevention and nutrition, is a member of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and author of [i]Physical Mental and Spiritual Health[/i] and [i]Perfect Palette[/i]. A graduate of several universities, she has achieved world acclaim through a lifetime dedication specializing in water fasts at healing institutions.

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