Trust for Today

Trust is declining globally, and particularly stats would say: in North America. Broken trust is seen in families, friendships, companies, churches, education, entertainment and even governments.

Throughout the Bible, God continually calls His people to trust Him and trust those He has placed in their lives, and yet many Christians struggle to walk in this kind of trust. We long to trust, but most of us don’t know what that looks like in our every day lives.

For more than two decades Trueface has helped people mature in trusting God and trusting others with who they really are, and now, applying these truths to our everyday lives. Biblically anchored and winsome, this 365-day devotional is for anyone who wants to mature in trusting both God and others. With applications and bite-size thoughts, it touches on business, family, every day frustrations, simple joys and many others. Trust for Today invites readers to experience trust in the mundane and exceptional, in the deeply sad and hilarious, all while leading them to the love and power of Christ.


For over 20 years the team at Trueface has been writing, speaking, consulting and dreaming about how to help leaders trust God and others with them. We are still doing that while we passionately grow the diversity of voices who are bringing this freedom to the world. 


With strong contributions from nearly a dozen men and women across three generations, this effort brings daily encouragement and application from the growing unity in diversity that grace can foster. To see more about the team on this book go to


Trueface is a non-profit that works very hard to sustain through excellent services and products. We aim for a strong 50/50 model that pairs with your investments in this work. We would deeply appreciate your support and will continue our transparent practices held to that excellence by our ECFA membership for non-profit financial governance.

Bruce McNicol

God has used the teaching wisdom, global vision, and business skills of co-founder and President, Dr. Bruce McNicol, to help Trueface offer break-through experiences of grace for many thousands around the world. Leaders in all spheres of influence have found God's lasting resolution for their life issues and key relationships as they have journeyed with Bruce. 

With degrees in finance law, theology, leadership and organizational development, Bruce’s gifting to write to diverse readers and leaders has proved true in the best-sellers he has co-authored: The Cure, The Ascent of a Leader, Bo’s Café, Behind The Mask, The Kingdom Life, and High Trust Cultures. Audiences in various countries continue discovering hope and freedom from Bruce's story-driven, biblically-anchored teaching.

Having lived in Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and Phoenix, Bruce has gained a variety of interests through the years, including international cultural trends and needs, music, hiking, reading, comedy, and sports. His constant interest is his wife Janet, who is a home-maker, nurse, and mentor. Bruce and Janet have received extensive tutoring from their three wonderful children and spouses, Nicole, married to Kory, with grandchildren Willo and Elliott; Chad married to Erica; and Ryan.

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  • Over 23 years of experience in helping people trust God and others, having spoken to thousands of people and authoring 8 books on topics of trust, leadership and God’s grace.
  • 450,000 books sold by these authors, with an average rating of 4.7 on Amazon.
  • The authors have spoken to or trained over 100,000 leaders and readers, from organizations including: the US Military Academy at West Point, World Vision, Mercy Me, The Navigators, Salvation Army and scores more universities, missions, denominations and businesses.
  • Combined social media following of 10,000