Nathan Morrell is one of the foremost designers of thrill rides, and for him the occupation is much more than just a career; it's an undeniable passion. Today is a proud day indeed. The inaugural circuit of Nathan's latest creation, the world's newest and most thrilling roller-coaster, is an event that has been long-awaited. The anticipation of the very first ride of the Black Mamba has created a buzz in the state of Virginia - for politicians, the public, the favoured first riders, and for Nathan's company, Flying machines Inc. But this event is also being watched with interest by others-people lurking in the shadows who see the Black mamba as a means to an end. There is a spine-tingling truth at stake that involves much more than just a mere ride at an amusement park. A truth that is intended to remain secret.

Peter Parkin of Calgary, AB

Alison Darby

Alison Darby is a life-long resident of England. She studied psychology in college and when she is not researching and writing she enjoys the wonders of astronomy. Alison Darby is the co-author (with Peter Parkin of Serpentine. She lives in an historic home in the charming town of Tettenhall, UK.

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  • high-energy thriller set in Virginia