Discover the Culinary Pleasures of Sake's Long Relationship With Japanese Cuisine

Sake has been designed to introduce readers to information and explanations about matching different sakes with traditional and modern, fusion Japanese cuisine. As part of this introduction to the enjoyment of sake, author Hideo Dekura begins by highlighting 28 of the most respected Kuramotos (sake brewers) in Japan. Each is explained in terms of their methods and what gives each brand its individual characteristics. Discover the strong work ethic needed to achieve the respected and admired level of workmanship that is required by the Kuramotos.

This book is intended as a beginner’s guide to explore how different sakes and food are combined to provide the perfect culinary balance. Readers will go on a journey of self-discovery to find the best makers of the very coolest Japanese sake brands and find out how to enjoy each with traditional and modern Japanese dishes.

Hideo Dekura

Hideo was born in Yotsuya, Tokyo. His cooking training commenced in the family restaurants, where he learnt from his parents the principles of sushi and kappou-ryori food preparation, cooking and presentation that had been passed down through the generations of his family. At the same time he learnt the philosophy of Chakaiseki (the tea ceremony cuisine), Teikanryu Shodoo (calligraphy), Ikenobou-Ryuuseiha (flower arranging) and Hocho Shiki (cooking knife's ceremony) at the Shijyoushinryuu School

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