Medical Truths Revealed!

Breaking the Misinformation Chain
Medical Truths Revealed is a "tell all" book that gives the real science about topics that have recently generated fear and controversy. It lends insight into the information that is perpetuated in the misinformation chain and tells the story behind medical topics that include autism and vaccines, BPA and plastics, cell phones, hormones in foods, Alzheimer's disease and much more. Many groups have an "agenda" that spreads misinformation to get their point of view out into public awareness, but at what price? The public needs to know the truth about these very important medical topics; not opinions based on fear and greed. Unfortunately, many of these topics are talked about in all avenues of media by non-medical groups. This is leading us down a path where groups of people with an "agenda" are giving the public their medical information. This book gives the researched backed information about important medical topics that the public has been looking for!

Mary Ellen Renna M.D.

Dr. Mary Renna has been the recipient of several prestigious awards and certificates throughout her career. She received the prestigious PREP Education Award years 1993 through 2003. The American Medical Association awarded her the Physicians Recognition Award from 1995 through 2006. She also received the Stony Brook Foundation Award for academic achievement and research.

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