The Junction

Stories of Land and Place in the BC Interior
In his third book, "The Junction," John Schreiber invites us to join him on a journey into the hidden corners of BC?s Cariboo Chilcotin, where he observes and describes a land of mountains and old trails, coyotes and bighorn sheep, Aboriginal folk, homesteaders, ranchers and the stories of long ago. Driven by his love of this land, Schreiber wanders the hills, mountains and valleys visiting old-time characters and old friends. He wakes to the sound of coyotes howling next to his tent,witnesses a mother bear fussing over her four cubs and is inspired by the spectacle of thousands of Sandhill cranes circling high out of sight as they migrate north. With the mastery of an experienced guide, he takes us to wild places, valleys, rivers and mountains of immeasurable beauty and power, and in so doing he acknowledges and underlines the essential importance and meaning of such places in our lives. John Schreiber encourages us to take time to pay attention to where we live, and to bealert to the lively mythologies and stories, old and new, which present themselves as we increase our familiarity with the living natural world around us. There is no detail that, when closely examined, is not lively and fully alive.

John Schreiber John Schreiber grew up in coastal logging communities and?for five formative, young years?in the North Thompson Valley north of Kamloops. He has worked extensively in the logging industry, in a mining camp, on a seine fishboat, in a pulp mill, as a parole officer and as a teacher-counselor for 27 years. Since the late ?60s he has walked, driven and ridden through the Chilcotin region many times. Now retired, he lives in Victoria with his partner, Marne. His earlier collections of stories from the Chilcotin include "Old Lives: In the Chilcotin Backcountry" (Caitlin Press, 2011) and "Stranger Wycott?s Place" (New Star Books, 2008).

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