So You Want To Flyfish?

It’s Not as Hard as You Think!

Flyfishing is no longer just for the pipe and tweed crowd. This explosion of flyrodding has hit a nostalgic nerve in middle-class baby boomers. But the sport is seeing all kinds taking up the longrod from blue-collar workers to senior citizens to kids to women. Want to know just how popular?

Mark D. Williams of Amarillo, TX

Williams is the author of twelve travel and outdoors books and is a recognized expert on trout fishing, flyfishing and travel around the world. His popular book, So Many Fish, So Little Time (Harper Collins, 2007) has been one of the best-selling fishing books the last few years and has received numerous rave reviews and awards.

Williams and McPhail have learned what works in teaching students over the years and have built a teaching philosophy, and not just for beginners. In flyfishing, a flyfisher never quits learning—a new know, a new cast, a new strategy. They both teach people from all walks of life, in the classroom and on the water. They tag-teach anglers at seminars at boat and flyfishing shows, at lectures at local flyshops and fishing clubs, at book signings / slide shows at national chain bookstores and at private guiding lessons on rivers or lakes. The authors reside in Amarillo, Texas.

W. Chad McPhail

McPhail has published photographs and written articles for numerous outdoors and fishing publications, magazines and newspapers and has written books on camping, outdoors and contributed to So Many Fish, So Little Time.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Illustrations or Photographs: Color photographs and illustrations demonstrating the basics of how to flyfish—how to cast, read water, tie knots and much more.
  • No other flyfishing instruction book is designed to put anglers on the water quickly without fuss or fanfare. Williams and McPhail have taught in the public school system for decades, conducting fishing seminars to thousands, written hundreds of articles and dozens of books—so these fishing buddies know how to make complicated things easier.
  • Williams and McPhail demystify flyfishing and reveal that this sport is not just for the pip and tweed crowd.
  • A book that provides essential steps to becoming a flyfisher and does so with color photos—rarely found in a flyfishing how-to book.
  • Williams and McPhail have fun writing and teaching about the beauty and nuts and bolts of the sport they love so much.
  • Flyfishing doesn’t have to be difficult to learn. It’s a process best learned on the water. Williams and McPhail get you on the water ready to learn and have fun but the book is designed for the reader to keep returning to the comprehensive, expert instruction so they can get better and better.