Untranslatable is a book-length collection of poems that all start from an untranslatable word—a word found in other languages that we do not have in English. The poems written from the words capture how this word is or can be lived, defined from a natural and imaginative world perspective. “Lovers of language take delight in those wonderful words which refuse to succumb to literal translation. Untranslatable captures the imaginative essence of these words and our underlying sense that, after all, nothing slips our understanding.” –Marcia Peck, writer and cellist in the Minnesota Orchestra

Julia Klatt Singer of Minneapolis, MN Julia Klatt Singer’s stories and poems have appeared in over five dozen journals and magazines. She is the poet in residence at Grace Neighborhood Nursery School in Minneapolis,  co-author of Twelve Branches: Stories from St. Paul, Coffee House Press, 2003 and author of the chapbook, In the Dreamed of Places, Naissance Press, 2011. Her first book of poetry, A Tangled Path to Heaven, was published by North Star Press in 2013. She has co-written fifteen songs with composer Tim Takach and composer Jocelyn Hagen. Ms. Singer lives in Minneapolis.

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