The Map Maker's Quest

Something valuable has been hidden in Duluth, Minnesota, and the evil Adherents are willing to tear the city apart searching for it. Led by Cain aboard the mighty steam battleship Goliath and using a weapon capable of tearing great holes in the Divide they have come to our world. Now all that stands in the Temple’s way is a ragtag group of rebels led my Jane and Jackie. With events spiraling out of control, the two girls go on a desperate quest through the city seeking a way to stop Cain.

Matthew J. Krengel of St. Cloud, MN Matthew J. Krengel grew up in rural Minnesota. He attended college in Pensacola, Florida, and returned to the St. Cloud area after graduation. With a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and minors in history and English, he is an avid reader of science fiction, history, and fantasy books. The Map Maker was published by North Star Press in 2012. In 2013 the sequel, The Map Maker’s Sister, was released. The Map Maker’s Quest is the epic conclusion to the series.

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