Collected Poetry from Northern BC Women
Ambulance lights flash as a baby is born on a busy city street, pine beetles paint forests a palette of new colours, a young boy faces a watery death under the ice of a frozen lake, and a mother stands in a bathtub at midnight wearing only her gumboots. In this anthology of new writing, women poets from Northern BC share their refreshing, intriguing, mystical and sometimes mythical insights into rural and urban life. Unfurled is a unique blend of emerging and familiar voices and includes work from Gillian Wigmore, Jacqueline Baldwin, Sarah de Leeuw, Donna Kane, Laisha Rosnau, Leanne Boschman and Jamella Hagen—truly a celebration of the women of the North.

Debbie Keahey Debbie Keahey is an award-winning writer and editor. Her books include a collection of poetry, 'waking blood', a book of literary criticism, 'Making it Home: Place in Canadian Prairie Literature', and an anthology of women's writing, 'The Madwoman in the Academy'.

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