Morel Mushrooms

Best-Kept Secrets Revealed
Morel Mushrooms: Best-Kept Secrets Revealed is a comprehensive guide to hunting the elusive morel mushroom. Chapter by chapter, the closely guarded secrets of the morel are revealed, with tips that both novice and veteran mushroom hunters can use in the woods. Learn the characteristics of black, gray, and white / caramel morels. Recognize the signs of the morel season. Discover how and where to find morel mushrooms. Additional Features: detailed pictures and descriptions of "false morels," a supply and safety guide, preservation techniques, a variety of delicious morel recipes and a personal journal to record your own findings.

Michael E. Phillips

Michael E. Phillips observations are carefully chronicled from more than 30 years of morel hunting experience. He shares his passion of the hunt, nature, and the mouth-watering flavor of the morel with his readers. This handbook is sure to lead the aspiring hunter on a successful hunt for the savory morel!

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