Who Put Me in Charge? Getting to the NEXT LEVEL

Getting to the NEXT LEVEL

This book is a simple ROADMAP to enable the reader to take charge of his or her business role and responsibilities to improve their quality of work and to provide outstanding customer service when Customer Relationship Management is crucial in today’s business climate. You will find a systematic and detailed business model to guide supervisors and executives in the implementation of meaningful organizational change, often within 90 days. This business edition will provide a truly implementable process and significant “takeaways” to lead your company, department, team, or yourself to the NEXT LEVEL, allowing the complex business issues to become incredibly simple. There is also a TOOL BOX of easy-to-understand and easy-to-use exercises that can give you the necessary insight into problem identification and root cause problem solving. This comprehensive book will also provide some additional observations, nuggets of wisdom and common-sense advice that are applicable for parents, adults, and business people seeking a perspective on how and what to do to become more accountable and effective, both at home and in the workplace. Key points in this book are reinforced by actual stories and entertaining parables told in a manner that is impactful and strong, helping to cover the subject matter deep and wide. As it is based on the author’s real-world experiences, it is authentic, accurate, honest, and insightful. This book is his attempt to “give back” to the business community, where much of his worldview and day-to-day behavior was developed and evolved. The section of the book on “Lessons Learned” is powerful, purposeful, and pertinent. The book reflects the author’s joy in humor and how to integrate FUN into the difficult business environment that you face. It also reflects his intense PASSION to help people and raise each and every one to their true potential and become the reader’s “go-to” reference guide. If you do not control the issues in your life, those issues will control you!

Gerry J. Peterson of Palm Coast, FL

Garry J. Peterson, MBA, Consultant, Business Coach, Author, and Public Speaker is the Founder and President of Peterson Advisors Group and has over 35 years of experience in leading companies, building teams, and driving sustainable improvement in productivity, profitability, and growth. With over 40 clients in six states, he has given over 500 full-day training sessions.

Visit him on his website: www.petersonadvisorsgroup.com

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