True Confessions of a Shameless Gossip

True Confessions of a Shameless Gossip is a champagne- and scandal-fueled trip through an amazing career, filled with glittering celebrities and outrageous tales. Craig has covered the Oscars, lived in Hollywood, and interviewed a galaxy of stars within (and outside of!) their lunch breaks. Craig has never been one to keep things to himself, especially if it is juicy and scandalous, so strap yourself in and enjoy!

Craig Bennett

For thirty-six years Craig Bennet has been at the center of the outrageous showbiz gossip beat. He began as a journalist at the Daily Mirror and Daily Telegraph, working under the stewardship of the indomitable publishing queen Ita Buttrose. Craig has rubbed shoulders with an array of Aussie and international luminaries, from Joan Collins, Larry Hagman,and Don Lane to Bernard King, Mike Walsh, Dita Cobb, and Jeanne Little.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Behind-the-scenes insight in to the Australian media scene.
  • Part biography, part confession, it touches not only on this recognisable face’s life but also of the myriad celebrities around him.
  • A unique perspective from a media veteran.
  • Social Media campaign and Magazine and Blog reviews