Parenting for Social Justice

Tips, Tools, and Inspiration for Conversations and Action with Kids

Looking for support in talking with kids about topics like immigration, racism, homelessness, and gender identity? This heart-centered book provides tips and tools, including plain-language conversation starters, to use with children ages 0–10. Stories from diverse parents across the U.S. are woven into chapters on race, class, gender, disability, healing justice, and collective liberation. Whether in your family or your wider community, the time has never been better to introduce kids to the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to show up for social justice.

Angela Berkfield

Author Angela Berkfield, a social justice educator and activist, is a parent of 10- and 7-year-old boys who have privilege because of race, class, gender, and ability. In her words, “I have a tall task in raising kids who have privilege to move through the world honoring principles of equity and justice. I’ve aimed to center social justice in my parenting from day one - and the more caregivers I can partner with on this journey, the better!” Angela has taught in a variety of settings over the past decade and is a co-founder of the Root Social Justice Center, ACT for Social Justice, and Equity Solutions. She has an MA in Social Justice from the School for International Training.

Chrissy Colón Bradt

Chrissy Colón Bradt is an educator and mom to a 4 year old, biracial, white-presenting child.  As an Afro-Latina in a biracial marriage, Chrissy is keenly aware of her family’s intersecting identities and privilege.  She strives to support her son in developing a positive racial and ethnic identity. Chrissy serves as an educator and Director of Equity and Inclusion  at an independent school, and is on the board of The Courage of Care Coalition and the Root Social Justice Center. She holds a BA in Comparative Ethnic Studies from Barnard College and an M.Ed. in Special Education from Hunter College.

Marketing & Publicity
  • New England book tour launch scheduled for October 2019 at Everyone's Books in Brattleboro
  • Academic book review in Radical Teacher, maybe also Equity & Excellence in Education, other Social Justice-oriented education journals
  • Book review in Yes! Magazine, The Guardian, Parenting, Mothering, Hip Mama