The Last Ram

It’s1903 in the Badlands and Evan Warner, a store owner’s son, spies an elusive Audubon Sheep that was thought to be extinct. Even better, his best friend, David, an adopted Lakota boy, is ­returning from two years at the Pierceson Indian School. Evan can’t wait to track the sheep through the Badlands with David just like when they were younger. As hunters from across the globe pour into the small town of Interior to pursue the last of the species, Evan learns that becoming a man isn’t all about bravado and that people and friendships grow and change. The end of the ram could have lasting repercussions for the boys and the West.

Steve Linstrom of Marshall, MN After completing a career in South Dakota state government and another as a vice-president in the corporate world, Steve is starting a new chapter in his life; writing and teaching. He received a Master of Arts degree in English Studies from Minnesota State University, Mankato, in December 2012 and has published short stories in the Arizona Literary Magazine and Talking Stick Journal. The Last Ram is his first novel.

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