World of Birds

A Stunning Photographic Celebration of the Planet’s Birdlife

A visual celebration of the planet’s varied and amazing birdlife – from tiny hovering jewel-like hummingbirds to plunge-diving gannets – World of Birds is a unique book in that it distils the 10,500 species of birds into 290 full-page images, with these photographs depicting representatives from 90 per cent of the planet’s 245 bird families. The completeness of the collection, and the fact that it contains many rare and sought-after species, lends it strong appeal to keen birdwatchers, while the stunning nature of the images will be appreciated by anyone who has an interest in birds – from beginner to expert – by showcasing the incredible diversity of birdlife on Earth.

New Holland Publishers

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Marketing & Publicity
  • Social Media campaign
  • 300 images covering 200 of the world’s 230 bird families
  • Stunning photography
  • Magazine and Blog reviews