Luna and the Dog Park Bully

Luna, a white Maltese dog, couldn’t be happier than to be going to the dog park with her Mama on a beautiful sunny day. Loveable Luna was thinking of the great day she would spend joyfully running and playing with her other dog friends. Except, to Luna’s dismay, Duke, the dog park bully is also at the dog park and he is up to his usual not-so-nice ways. 

Will Luna decide that enough is enough? Will Luna finally stand up for herself and her friends?

Parents and young children will enjoy this playful approach to a serious topic and learn, through Luna, that you can be strong without being forceful.

A. N. Minerva

A.N. Minerva graduated from Molloy College with honors, magna cum laude, with a major in Communications and a minor in Sociology. She is currently attending John Jay College of Criminal Justice working on her Master's in Public Administration: Inspector General and Oversight. Angela has been an avid animal lover from a very young age. She has had multiple pets throughout her life and her love for animals knows no bounds.Angela was inspired to write this book because she herself has experienced bullying. Angela would like young children to know that not only is it OK to talk about bullying but it is important for them to talk about it right away in order to get the help they need.

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  • October is National Bully Awareness month