The Full Vermonty

Vermont in the Age of Trump

Vermont towns may be small, but (unlike Trump’s hands) they are not clenched in anger. Rather, they are resisting with characteristic wit and charm, with town meetings and grassroots organizing. In The Full Vermonty: Vermont in the Age of Trump, Second Edition, edited by Bill Mares and Jeff Danziger, some of Vermont’s most famous voices ask, “What the hell do we do now that Trump is causing a rukus?” The collection of essays, published by Green Writers Press in Brattleboro, Vermont, explores how Vermont—a small, rural state with a progressive history—must reckon with what it means to exist in Trump’s America. But The Full Vermonty, Second Edition isn’t just for Vermont readers—it is for anyone wondering how to resist, persevere, and remain hopeful in the age of Trump. Expanded to include updated essays and a new cover cartoon by nationally syndicated cartooonist Danziger, the Second Edition is bound to wake up the entire nation.

Bill Mares of Burlington, Vermont

Bill Mares has been a backyard beekeeper for over 45 years. Raised in Texas, educated at Harvard, Mares is a former journalist, state representative and high school teacher. Mares has authored or co-authored 17 books on a range of topics, including "Bees Besieged." He been president of the Vermont Beekeepers Association and the Eastern Apicultural Association. He received the Devillbiss Award for from EAS in 2012 and was named Vermont Beekeeper of the Year in 2013. He lives in Burlington, Vermont, with his wife of 48 years, Chris Hadsel. 

Jeff Danziger

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  • Radio interviews on public radio — support from radio publicist to reach national audience.
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  • Launch at author's brew pub in Burlington, Vermont, followed by book tour in the Northeast and NYC where the other author lives.