Love Letters to a Stripper

Reclaiming Your True Power

You’re finding yourself restless and ready to make a move into the next phase of your life. Making the decision to transition away from the sex industry is a hell of a lot more involved than just making a simple career change.

You'll be considering the way you interact with others and the way people perceive you. You'll confront the shame and stigma that has been projected upon you and you'll need to face the natural fears about people finding out about your past. You will also need to fight the urge and unhealthy habit of hiding.

You’ve made countless compromises, dealt with challenging clients, co-workers, and bosses. You've channeled superpowers that most people would never understand, but still feel so unprepared for this next step. 

In Love Letters to a Stripper, Angelina will help you:

Angelina Lombardo

Angelina Lombardo is a former stripper of 8 years who now devotes her time and career to coaching the underserved and stigmatized sex industry community on everything from self-love and empowerment, to finances and self-care practices. She has taken a winding road to her coaching career, with experience as a chef, a midwife, and an entrepreneur, just for starters. Her mission is to change the sex industry norms, make these issues and conversations more mainstream and teach people about the industry's truths and illusions. Angelina has been mentored by some amazing and successful leaders including Martha Beck, Angela Lauria and Susan Hyatt. This is her first book.

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