The Kinky Vanilla Love Project

The Kinky Vanilla Love Project is an intimate expose of Lord Coltrane’s provocative and profound experiment of becoming thirty different women in thirty days, which transformed a heartbreaking moment of infidelity into a juicy love affair with her husband, in and out of the bedroom. By exploring the variety of roles we play in life and love, you can learn how to get the deep, profound, and super sexy intimacy that you deserve. Lord Coltrane shares with you the ultimate guide to transform betrayal into bliss; have a juicy love affair with your partner; unleash your sexy, lovable, and multidimensional self; discover how roleplay can heal betrayal and ignite more passion in your relationship; take the monotony out of monogamy; fall madly in love again with your partner and with yourself; ignite your feminine powers and know your soul. The Kinky Vanilla Love Project is the definitive guide to healing the wounds of betrayal, transforming your marriage, and reinventing the way you love and make love.

Lord Coltrane

Lord Coltrane is an accomplished photographer, writer, couture designer, sacred rebel, Archetype consultant, and Ayurvedic educator. She uses her considerable knowledge and visionary creativity to inspire and assist women in awakening to their full potential and essential selves, unleashing their own dormant feminine powers, discovering their multidimensional souls, and ultimately attaining radical self-love. Lord Coltrane lives in the Bay Area with her husband and two children.

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