Collecting U.S. Coins on a Budget

Do you immediately turn to the date on every shiny coin you pick up? Are you one of the few people who knows when the next new state quarter or presidential dollar is coming out-before they hit the bank? Have you ever wondered why the person in front of you at the bank was buying all those rolls of coins? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be a coin collector! Collecting Coins on a Budget will provide you with tips and tidbits to nurture your interest in the type of coins that intrigue you, turning your holdings into a safe and potentially valuable investment. Nolte provides a fun-filled journey allowing you to navigate one of the world's most exciting hobbies. Enter your next bourse feeling like a veteran.

Steve Nolte Steve Nolte has specialized in American Coins since the early 1960's. As both a collector and dealer, Nolte regularly views, appraises and advises individuals about their coins. An educator at heart, with graduate credentials from the University of Wisconsin, he enjoys daily contact with all segments of the hobby. Nolte is President of the Florida Numismatic Guild.

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