Please Come Home

Poetry to Open the Heart, Nourish the Soul, and Transform the Mind
“In the depth of Guthema's words, one indeed finds oneself coming home, to a place of solace, a place of peace, and a place of constant bliss. There is no better alchemy to what ails all of us in this modern world, then to return to the whispers of The Beloved found in Guthema Roba's divine poetry.” —Paul Goldman, author of Journey into Oneness, Wild Joy: Ruminations and the spoken word CD Wild Joy: The Ecstatic Poetry of Paul Goldman

Guthema Roba of Minneapolis, MN Guthema Roba currently works for the Hennepin County library. He was born and partly grew up in Ethiopia, East Africa, before he immigrated to the United States.  His book Please Come Home is a collection of  mystical poetry that remind us to live in the present moment. He says life becomes a prayer when fully lived and celebrated each day. Good poetry, he adds, is the one that brings us closer to our heart. He writes poetry on a daily basis and lives in Minneapolis with his wife and daughter.

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