More Haunted Michigan

New Encounters with Ghosts of the Great Lakes State
The Presence of the Paranormal ""As with all things spiritual, it is the subjective experience that breathes life into what we believe. . . "" -- Reverend Gerald S. Hunter, from the Foreword of More Haunted Michigan Reverend Hunter invited readers of Haunted Michigan to open their minds to the presence of the paranormal all around them. They opened their minds . . and unlocked a grand repository of their own personal supernatural experiences. Hunter investigated these modern, active hauntings and recounts the most chilling and most unusual here for you, in further confirmation that the Great Lakes State may be one of the most haunted places in the country. More Haunted Michigan brings you antique ghosts from Jackson,, theatrical ghosts from Dowagiac, a growling ghost from Mackinac Island, and even a feline ghost from Otsego. There are ghosts who hang out in mirrors, a territorial creature that curses a Christmas tree farm, an angelic janitor, a talking cemetery, and a family terrorized for decades because their house sits on a portal to the spirit world. Join Hunter as he tours the state, documenting the unexplainable and exploring the presence of the paranormal in our lives.

Gerald S. Hunter Reverend Gerald S. Hunter is an ordained United Methodist Minister and an avid writer. He lives in Mid-Michigan with his wife Tracey.

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