Preying in Two Harbors

A young man is found beaten to death, a radical reverend runs a suspect commune, the most sacred areas of a Catholic church are desecrated, a sabotaged railroad track leads to a deadly derailment, and a Jewish holocaust survivor is hung in effigy. All happen in too short a time span to say they are not related. When the sheriff of Lake County is shot in the back, ambushed, Deidre Johnson comes out of retirement to solve the crimes. Preying in Two Harbors is the fourth book of the Two Harbors mystery series written by Dennis Herschbach.

Dennis Herschbach of Sartell, MN Dennis Herschbach is a retired school teacher who lived most of his adult life on the north shore of Lake Superior. Herschbach currently resides in Sartell, Minnesota, and enjoys a life of travel and writing.

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