The British at the Gates

The New Orleans Campaign in the War of 1812

In 1814, the final year of the War of 1812, Britain mounted a massive seaborne assault against the United States. The British burned Washington, forcing President Madison and his cabinet to flee, but the Americans succeeded in fending off an assault on Baltimore (commemorated in the words of the American National Anthem). By the end of 1812 the British had sailed southward to launch a bold attack on New Orleans, which was defeated by the Americans under the inspired leadership of Andrew Jackson.Reilly's account of the Battle of New Orleans and the events that led up to it was first published to great acclaim in 1974. It is still regarded by many experts as unsurpassed. This is the first paperback edition. The text has been reset and the maps redrawn, and there are more pictures.

Robin Reilly Robin Reilly was born in England and served as an officer in the Royal Artillery. After leaving the army he worked for Wedgwood, the china company, becoming general manager, before starting a career as a writer. His other books include three on the Wedgwood company and its china, as well as biographies of James Wolfe and William Pitt the Younger.

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