The Gospel of New Life

Following Christ, together, on the path to holiness
There is an unbreakable bond between God’s mercy and his gift of new life which is at the heart of the Gospel. Through the transformation he works in us, his grace can transform the world around us. The Gospel of New Life presents the heart of Pope Francis’ teaching on this theme, arranged and edited as a single book for the first time and with the full approval of the Vatican Publishing House.

CARDINAL VINCENT NICHOLS writes in his Foreword: ‘With irresistible passion Pope Francis denounces a world of abundance where hundreds of millions go hungry and an “industry of destruction” that mercilessly discards as “leftovers” the unemployed, the sick, the terminally ill, the old, and children, both born and unborn. Hope inspires us to cultivate an authentically human ecology that enables every person to enjoy a dignified life.'

‘The hope with which the Gospel of New Life fills our hearts impels us to be worthy stewards of creation’s fruits. Our mission is to transform the “throw away culture” of “uncontrolled consumerism” into one which cherishes our God-given natural environment. This demands honouring the social dimension of that environment too.’

Pope Francis Pope Francis is the 266th and current Pope, the worldwide leader of the Catholic Church.

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