Palm Reading

Your Absolute, Quintessential, All You Wanted to Know, Complete Guide
The Key to your life lies in the palm of your hand. Each palm is a separate 'Book of Life'. By learning the Language of your palm, you will discover hidden truths about yourself and attain a richer and more rewarding understanding of your life. This new edition of Litzka R Gibson's bestseller, How to Read Palms, will teach you the: Twelve Steps to Reading the palm; Nine Areas of the Palm; Basic Lines-Life, Head and Heart; Special Signs and Markings; Secondary Lines-Fate, Fortune and Health; Lesser Lines-Affection, Opposition, Influence and Family; Types of Hands and Fingers.

Litzka Aymond Gibson Litzka R. Gibson, a teacher of palmistry, edited the Astrologer's Almanac and co-authored the leading book on the occult, The Complete Book of Psychic Sciences.

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