A Song of the Vine: A Reflection on Life

This book contains reflections and observations of a senior citizen looking back over the decades. The purpose is, in some small way, tho assist in making decisions that could lead to a more productive life for the reader, including young adults making career decisions andĀ  adultsĀ  making career changes, as well as the unemployed and the underemployed. The setting for thses reflections and observations is the western Finger Lakes Region, particularly the area around Keuka Lake. Part I discusses: looking back on life and career decisions, achieving one's potential, and a few life experiences. Winemaking in the Finger Lakes Region is discussed in Part II. Part III provides role models from the region. These individuals displayed the human values of motivation, determination, resiience, and perseverance. Their lives provide the opportunity to learn from high achievers. Also included are observations of a lifetime and information on places to see in the western Finger lakes Region.

Emerson Klees of Rochester, NY

Emerson Klees is the editor / publisher of Cameo Press. He is also the author of thirty books, half about New York State and the Finger Lakes Region and half collective biographies of role models of human values, such as perseverance, motivation, determination, resilience, and creativity.  He has a B.S. in electrical engineering, Penn State University, major: electronics, a M.B.A. from New York University, major: management, minor: statistics, and a M.A. in English literature (creative writing track) from the State University of New York at Brockport. For six years, he was an adjunct professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology College of Business teaching courses in entrepreneurship and business organization.

      He is a member of the New Society of the Genesee Historical Association, past member of the New York State Historical Society and the Rochester / Monroe County Freedom Trail Commission, as well as past member and vice president of the New York State Regional Publishers Association. His awards include two first places and two second places in the E.  H. Corron National Historical Essay Contest. 

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