Seven Times

Be Free, Live Free
It often starts as an innocent attraction, seeming so normal.  But then pornography becomes a trap many fall into.  Although the struggle can be kept a secret for a time, the feelings of powerlessness and entrapment will begin to surface.  Is freedom possible?  Is rescue on the horizon?
Seven Times is all about freedom.  It won’t be in your face, but it will serve to come alongside you in your journey, wherever you are.  It’s a book of reality and, at the same time, a book of hope.
You need to understand that this is not a self-help book.  Those books are about you and what you can do.  Most people have already discovered that this struggle can’t be beat by just trying harder or being smarter.  This battle requires the activity of God on your behalf.  Thankfully, God unconditionally loves you and is all-powerful.  This journey, then, is about what God wants to do and can do.  You might think, I just pray a prayer and the problem is over, right?  That’s not exactly how it happens.  Only you can create the life environment where God can work. 

Whether you are looking for freedom, helping someone who needs it, or just want to continue in freedom, Seven Times is for you.  Remember, the journey toward freedom is the same journey which keeps you in freedom.  It’s time to win.  It’s time to live free.

Keith Grabill Keith Grabill has been involved in youth ministry for the past 20 years, and he has a heart to see people set free.  His lifelong desire is to please God in everything and to be the best husband and dad in the world.  He is the youth pastor at Christian Celebration Center in Midland, Michigan, where he lives with his wife, Lacei, and their three children.   

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