Architecture of the Unpronounced

"Reading each poem by Marion Goldstein is like taking off your shoes, wading into a clear, cold brook, and following it into the forest with complete confidence that your real destination is a personal interior you have always hoped to explore. Through the poet’s eyes, you see the natural world afresh with clarity, originality, and spiritual insight embodied in startling meta­phors. With disarming gentleness, her descriptions demolish all unnatural dualisms and lead you quietly into a unifying presence that waits for you beneath each shimmering surface. Before you know it, for the reader as for the artist, poetry has become a form of prayer. - Elizabeth Michael Boyle

Marion Goldstein

Marion Goldstein is a psychotherapist who lives in Montclair, New Jersey. She is a registered poetry therapist and an adjunct professor at Caldwell College, where she teaches a course on Poetry Therapy.

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