I'll Trade My Sorrow

Trading The Pain of Yesterday for a Journey that Frees Your Soul

I'll Trade My Sorrow will encourage you to find your own road to self discovery and healing. As you read the author's heart-felt poems written from both the pain and joys of learning to love herself, you too can discover what makes your own heart dance. I'll Trade My Sorrow chronicles one woman's journey over dysfunction, pain and low self-esteem. Poet Cynthia Primm invites you to travel with her on an evocative journey to experience what happens when you trade the sorrow of your past for the wealth of self-love despite life's opposing circumstances. Primm's thoughtful and artistic words provide hope that your journey through life can be successful,even through the very common pains and obstacles that many women share. The artful, revealing, and poignant poetry of Primm's personal struggles is relatable and inspiring. It offers a positive approach for women, young and old, who long to trade their sorrow for joy. Each poetic section allows for a closer

Cynthia Primm Cynthia Primm resides in Central Florida. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bryant College in Smithfield, RI. Cynthia has spent over 20 years as a strategic and operational human resources leader. Her experience in all aspects of Human Resources Management, has given her the chance to help many reach their full potential in their personal as well as professional lives.

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