A Psychiatrist Screams

An Abbot Peter Mystery

The second novel in a series of macabre murders in a bleak English seaside town, each with cast of suspects with secrets of their own to protect. But who can hide from the man who sees our inner truths?As a Special Witness investigator, Abbot Peter, a retired monk in the town of Stormhaven, allies his gift for understanding our psychological and spiritual dimensions to the more prosaic crime-hunting talents of Detective Inspector Tamsin Shah. The Abbot Peter Mysteries are written by Simon Parke, formerly a scriptwriter for Spitting Image, a Sony award-winning radio writer, a supermarket worker, a Church of England priest and a Daily Mail columnist.

Simon Parke Simon Parke was a scriptwriter for Spitting Image and a Sony award-winning radio writer before working for three years in a supermarket. An Oxford graduate in history, a priest in the Church of England for 20 years and former Daily Mail columnist, his previous books include the first Abbot Peter Mystery, A Vicar, Crucified and Pippa’s Progress: A Pilgrim’s Journey to Heaven.

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